Louis Kuppenheim

1854: Lehmann sen. (Louis Kuppenheim, 1824 - 1889) founded a manufactory together with Heinrich Witzemann. The location of the company is the market place Pforzheim.
1857: Kuppenheim founded the Louis Kuppenheim company, as far as known without its previous partner.
1872: New company building at Durlacher Straße 1, Pforzheim
1889: Louis Kuppenheim sen. passed away. 3 of his 6 children (Albert, Hugo and Moritz) will jointly manage the company in the future.
 1900: At the World Exhibition in Paris, Kuppenheim won a gold medal for a letter opener. In the same year, the company opened its first branch at 67 rue de Richelieu in Paris

Very nice Kuppenheim Minaudière.

A Minaudière is a women's fashion accessory that is generally considered a piece of jewelry and is designed to replace an evening bag.

Two beautiful ashtrays made by kuppenheim


Kuppenheim made quite a few different Animal Cases. These are very desirable. They made the animals as: Vesta Cases, Minaudieres, Cigarette Cases. Minaudieres in several different sizes. They decipted mostly Cats, but also Monkeys, Owls, Elefants and Dogs. Kuppenheim also made silver cigarette /compact cases with cats in enamel.

Very nice cigarette or business card case

Kuppenheim Box

Cigarette or business card case